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28 September 2015


 September 28, 2015
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No one knows how many species of animal there are in the world because new ones are still being discovered but the number certainly goes into the millions. When doing ecology work it is important not just to identify which animals are, or a likely to be on a site but to know something about them.

Among the things we need to know are.

  • Where in the site are different animals found?
  • How many are there? Getting a precise count is very difficult but there are ways to get an idea of the population of most animals in an area, which is needed to work out how important a site is for the species as a whole and to make sure any proposed work to benefit wildlife is on the right scale.
  • How are they using the site? Is it important for feeding, resting or breeding? This helps identify both how important the site is for the animals but also how any changes on site could affect them.
  • Are they protected? This is a crucial point, many animals have specific legal protection not just from being killed or injured but from disturbance or destruction of their homes. Work affecting these animals needs to meet certain standards to be legal.

This information is crucial to any decisions about what will be done with a piece of land whether it is being managed for nature conservation or proposed for housing development and an ecology consultancy like Levan Ecology can not only gather the information but work out what information is needed on a particular site.

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