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9 November 2015


 November 9, 2015
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Not a UK one her but an excuse to show a few of my holiday snaps. I’m using jungle here to cover not just tropical rainforest but also subtropical forests and cloud forest all of which I have been lucky enough to see through voluntary work.

Subtropical forest in northern Vietnam

Spent ten weeks recording plants and animals for a nature reserve with Frontier

nam2 nam3 nam4 nam1

Tropical rainforest in the Peruvian Amazon

One week working on a conservation and tourism concession.

peru2 peru3 peru4 peru1

Cloud forest in Honduras

Spent six weeks carrying out a range of surveys with Operation Wallacea (sorry the quality is lower on these)

hon3 hon4 hon5 hon1 hon2

It may be unlikely that most readers of this blog have a need for ecological research in the tropics but if the chance comes up I’m always interested and if not we can certainly share a few stories.

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