30 November 2015


 November 30, 2015
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A decent site map is the basis of any ecology report, showing where on a site the basic features of interest are. Any site survey will begin with a Phase 1 Habitat Survey, which maps out the different habitats and puts them into broad categories like broadleaved woodland, conifer woodland etc.

A key part of a Phase 1 map are the target notes, numbers indicating the location of something important and linked to a list. This lets us identify signs of animals or areas of more complex habitat without confusing the map with too much text.

A map makes it possible to see ecological issues in relation to any proposal so that solutions can be identified. It may make clear, for instance that a badger sett is inside the site boundary but over 30m from any planned building work meaning that the badgers can be protected without the need for a licence and work on moving them.

An example Phase 1 map

phase 1

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