A to Z of Ecology U is for Urban Areas

8 February 2016


 February 8, 2016
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It may be tempting to imagine the ecology is only an issue out in the countryside but this is not the case. In fact some studies suggest that the diversity of plants and animals is actually higher in the green spaces within towns and cities than on farmland.

Urban areas are also where people interact the most with nature, whether it be bird watching in the garden or exercise in a local park urban greenspace is more significant to people and has many benefits, which can mean more careful scrutiny from local people of any potential impacts.

Typical issues in urban areas include.

  • Bats – often found in building being renovated
  • Trees –important for many animals but also for local people
  • Reptiles – The more common reptiles such as slow worms and common lizards are often found in unmanaged urban areas, which tend to have the mix of open grassland and denser vegetation they prefer.
  • Urban commons – areas of unmanaged open land often have a high diversity of plants and insects and may be protected in local planning policies.

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