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3 January 2014


 January 3, 2014
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OK so hopefully the non-work related blog title has got your attention but I’m afraid this is about the fact that like the rest of you Levan Ecology is now back to work so I thought it time to write up a few of the things I’m hoping for this year.

– First up is a request for help, I need a new web support person to sort out a few things.

– I need ┬áto develop a training plan for the year ahead so any advice on courses, conferences or other ways to build on my knowledge would be welcome.

– What should I do next with the business? A bit open ended this one but I have lots of ideas to sort through. Could I/should I try running training courses, is now the time to start the long process of training for a bat licence, are there new areas to expand or would it be better to keep a focus on what I do now.

-Finally of course, what do you want from me? – work related answers only please, at least on here

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