20 September 2016


 September 20, 2016
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A bit unusual this, newt work that didn’t need a licence. The site is a planned solar farm in south Wales with a pond used by a small number of newts in the middle of a field currently grazed by sheep.

The sheep have made much of the area unsuitable for great crested newts and the proposed development would not affect the pond so it was possible to agree a licence was not needed given a good working method.

A fence was erected around the pond and nearest hedge, angled to prevent newts moving into the field while allowing any that were already to cross to the protected area. This will be left in place until the newts have gone into hibernation and then removed.

The area will also be improved by digging a new pond on the edge of a nearby copse of trees and planting new hedges and trees around the site. Overall the end result is likely to be a site that is more suitable for newts than before work started, which not only goes beyond legal requirements but allows the renewable energy company owning it to show they consider all aspects of the environment.

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