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Levan Ecology http://www.levanecology.co.uk is a company led by Matt Levan an ecologist, with over 12 years experience chartered environmentalist and fully licensed by the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management. We provide a range of ecological services including desktop and field surveys, protected species surveys, ecological watching briefs, biodiversity and species management plans. Matt Levan Ecologist also helps organisations introduce positive environmental impacts either for one off projects or ongoing as part of client’s wider environmental management systems.

As with all businesses there are adverse environmental impacts associated with our activities, which include consumption of finite fossil fuels associated with transport and use of electrical and electronic equipment. We consume small quantities of office materials and are in the process of developing paperless electronic administration systems. The business also produces small quantities of office type wastes.

To ensure these impacts are managed we are in the process of implementing an environmental management system that aims to comply with levels one and two of the Green Dragon Standard. To ensure effective environmental management is integrated into all business activities, Levan Ecology shall:

  • Prevent pollution at source and as a minimum comply with all applicable environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements to which we subscribe;
  • Continually improve our environmental management and performance, through setting and achieving annual environmental objectives and
  • Provide adequate resources to ensure this environmental policy is implemented effectively.

Environmental impacts shall be monitored to ensure they are managed effectively and we shall implement the following environmental best practices:

  • We shall sign up to the environment agency environmental update service to ensure awareness of applicable environmental legislation.
  • We shall not accept any contract that would contribute to serious damage to the natural environment.
  • All work shall be carried out in accordance with the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management Code of Professional Conduct.
  • All information relating to rare, protected or otherwise notable species and habitats will be shared with the appropriate recording organisation unless covered by a commercial confidentiality clause of the relevant contract or a written request by the client.
  • Travel shall be by public transport wherever practical.
  • Energy efficiency and waste management shall be integrated into the purchasing process and we shall favour suppliers with an independently certified environmental management system.
  • All business activities shall be subject to an environmental appraisal to identify impacts and required mitigation. These assessments will be appropriate to the activity concerned.
  • We shall reduce miles per chargeable day by increased use of public transport and procuring local contracts aiming for an annual average of below 75.
  • Energy consumption shall be reduced with a target of a 10% reduction on current performance by the end of 2016.
  • We shall identify the viability of installing renewable energy solutions to further reduce our carbon footprint.

This environmental policy shall be reviewed annually or sooner in the event of significant change to the business or applicable environmental legislation.


Updated: February 2016
Review Date: February 2017


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