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Based on my many years in the field I am acutely aware of the importance of safety and although having less than five employees I  do not legally require an employers health and safety policy the following approach will be adopted for all work. This is based on the principles of the Institute of Occupational Health and Safety (IOSH)

  • Where the client or their representative has an applicable safety policy with more stringent requirements this will be followed in preference to this policy.
  • A copy of this policy and a preliminary risk assessment will be provided to any potential client with the initial bid for work. The risk assessment will be based on the details of the proposed work provided and will be carried out using an IOSH standard risk assessment matrix
  • Where appropriate an updated risk assessment will be provided to the client before any fieldwork in order to take account of any issues specific to the task and the work site.
  • The client will be informed of the dates and times of all field work.
  • Where the work site will be remote (no road access) or the work will be conducted at night measures will be put in place to avoid lone working or to continuously monitor risks
  • A first aid kit and mobile phone will be carried at all times on site and the mobile will be switched off only on a direct request from the client and with an alternative means of communication available.
  • Other appropriate protective clothing and equipment will be identified in the risk assessment and used as appropriate.
  • All accidents will be recorded and investigated in full.
  • Any accidents or near misses while working will be reported to the client and to the clients representatives and to the HSE if appropriate.


Matthew Levan: February 2016
Review Date: February 2017


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