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The following policy is based on The Small Business Standard published by The Chartered Quality Institute (CQUI). CQI holds the copyright of the Small Business Standard, which is distributed free of charge and which may be reproduced free of charge. The following alterations to the published standard have been made to conform with my business situation.

  1. References to Management have been re-written to refer to myself as a single individual
  2. References to Employees have been removed as I do not employ anyone, these sections would be reinstated should I take on employees or subcontractors in the future.
  3. References to products have been removed as this business is entirely service based at this time.


I will develop and maintain annual plans which:

  • define a policy related to the provision of services meeting customers’ needs and expectations
  • identify regulatory or sector requirements which are to be met in the provision of services identify financial and activity performance targets and the maintenance of physical and human resource needed to achieve the targets
  • identify training requirements for financial and operational management, customer contact, processing and verifying

Business reviews

Regular reviews of the plans will be undertaken. Records of the reviews will be maintained. The reviews will compare results with targets to provide a basis for improving customer satisfaction, business success and management/process methods.

Customer care

This policy and the annual plan for meeting customers’ needs and expectations is to be published on my website and provided to all potential clients on request.

Only services will be offered that can be provided in full. When accepting orders from customers, the methods used will ensure that the customers’ exact requirements are known and that the products or services can be supplied in accordance with those requirements.

There will be an effective communication system for dealing with customer complaints and opportunities provided for customers to make favourable comments. Customer satisfaction will be assessed at the time of the business review.

Where I am responsible for work on a clients property every care will be taken to avoid damage to the property where I am found to be responsible for damage it will be made good at my expense.

Working environment and processes

Equipment will be provided and properly maintained in accordance with regulatory requirements and the manufacturers’ instructions.

Regulatory requirements and instructions related to the operation of equipment will be retained for as long as the equipment is in use. I will not use any equipment for which I have not had appropriate training.

Methods or processes will be in place to provide the customer with what I and the customer expect.


Suppliers of products and services are to be selected on the basis of quality of products, reliability of service (including timely delivery) and cost. The Environmental policy will also be considered. Purchase orders may be verbal or written, as agreed between the business and the particular supplier. Adequate information will be provided when ordering to ensure delivery in accordance with requirements.

Any supplier shortcomings that arise should be considered during the business reviews.


I will ensure that I have access to the relevant regulatory documents. Documents given out to customers and other external parties will, as a minimum, contain all normal contact details.

Preventing and correcting product or service problems

Annual plans will consider the effect of any changes in business conditions, objectives or targets relating to customer satisfaction, the quality of processes, products and services. Appropriate actions necessary to prevent problems will be included in the plan. Where a problem arises, action may be taken to rectify the problem and prevent recurrence. This action will depend on the seriousness of the problem and the risk to which the business is exposed.


In addition to the annual plan, the following records will be maintained for a minimum of five years.

  • Details of all contracts entered into.
  • Financial records – business expenses, invoices and payment received.
  • All correspondence with clients

Annual Plan 2012-13

All clients will be made aware of this plan and provided with a copy on request.

Ensure Client Satisfaction

Every contract entered into will have clearly defined terms of reference and set out the remedies available to the client if those terms are not met. The terms of reference will include at a minimum

  • The timescale of all work will be agreed with the client before work commences.
  • All reporting requirements to the client and/or third parties.
  • The type and location of the work to be carried out.


I will maintain Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurances sufficient to the work for which I am contracted.

I will review my requirements with regards to finance, equipment and business support at the beginning and end of every contract or of individual jobs under larger or framework contract and periodically at other times.

Professional Standards

I will retain membership of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) and meet the Institute standards with regards to continuing professional development. As part of this I will engage in a minimum of 20 hours structured training and 20 hours unstructured professional development between September 2012 and September 2013. This standard was met in 2011-12


All clients will be asked to provide feedback on the quality of service. This will be stored securely together with other correspondence.

  • Where negative feedback is received I will immediately review my working practices to ensure the problem does not recur.
  • Where positive feedback is received I may seek client permission to use this in promotional material. No such material will be used without written permission from the client concerned.

Professional development records will be submitted to CIEEM annually to permit the Institute to make an independent judgement as to my professional standards.

Matthew Levan – February 2016
Review Date – February 2017


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