Example project: Geotechnical watching brief

11 November 2015


 November 11, 2015
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The client in this case was a renewable energy company starting work on a new windfarm. Before installing the turbines they needed to know what type of foundations would be needed, which required information on the soil and underlying rock so a geologist was hired together with a JCB and driver to dig test pits. I was brought in to make sure that the precise locations used did not harm the habitats or wildlife.

The site was an upland area, mostly plantation woodland that was being felled but with patches of grassland and heather moor and numerous streams. The main concerns were the prospect of reptiles in the grassland and otters using the streams. By considering the issues I directed both the digging and the access routes used by the digger away from streams and grassed areas and kept a close watch to ensure no animals were in the areas being dug.




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