21 April 2020


 April 21, 2020
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Having reviewed my situation I have decided to furlough myself as a company director so am not currently available for work. This will initially be for the month of April and will be reviewed regularly.

Before I go I have decided to leave a parting gift. Some free videos of the presentations from my great crested newt training course. I had thought of selling these but as a lot of people are likely to be struggling financially I decided to make a gift of them instead. The introduction is below and if anyone would like any of the other sections let me know on matt@levanecology.co.uk. If you do this your email will not be used for anything else or saved but I will delete it once you confirm receipt of the vidoes

These can’t take the place of the course itself, which relies on hands on experience at a pond but I hope they are still interesting to some people.

The sections are

  1. Introduction
  2. Identifying newts
  3. Newts and the law
  4. Surveying
  5. Habitat Suitability
  6. Mitigation

See you on the other side

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