9 June 2014


 June 9, 2014
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I’m currently at work on two projects and bidding for yet more.

The first piece of work is acting as ecological clerk of works for a small housing development. The work involves running a slow worm translocation working with my assistants again, supervising vegetation clearance and checking on reptile exclusion fencing. There may also be additional work doing habitat improvements in the site the slow worms are moved to.

At the same time I am working on a last minute presence/absence survey for great crested newts. This is outside the ideal season but is only one part of the planned approach, there are also hopes of using the new eDNA technology to study what is living in the pond.

I am also following up a number of possible leads for other work including a request to be included in a bid for work in Montenegro, which I am very excited about the possibility of although there isn’t a lot of detail yet.

On top of this I’m supposed to be training to run the Caerphilly 10km and maybe even sleeping if there’s time.

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