27 October 2015


 October 27, 2015
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“When do you go to work?”

A bit more light hearted this time but I get this a lot from friends who wonder why I am at home on a Tuesday afternoon or not available on a Friday night.

The short answer is “When the work needs doing”. The right time to do ecology surveys depends on the plants or animals involved and how they respond to weather, time of day and season. There is little point trying to survey nocturnal bats between 9 and 5 or to looking for newts in ponds in the winter. I’m also constrained by clients deadlines and good weather for construction work.

The result is that my work tends to come in blocks of anything from half a day to five months, during which work may be pretty continuous. At one point last year I was doing 17 hour days for up to eight days in a row. On the other side this also means periods without any site work, especially during the winter.

And of course just because I’m at home doesn’t mean I’m not working on a report, analysis, or if all else fails writing this blog.

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