17 April 2020


 April 17, 2020
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As you will have seen in my last update I have suspended site based work except in limited circumstances. However following published advice by the UK government to ecologists and having received confirmation that this approach is consistent with the advice of the Welsh government for workers. I have conducted a further risk assessment and modified my restrictions in the following ways.

  • I will now accept work that requires driving to site, subject to an individual assessment of all risks associated with that journey.
  • It is my understanding that the police do not issue individual permission to travel for work purposes. Instead I will therefore require my client(s) to provide a letterheaded statement by email setting out the requirements for me to work on site.

My other restrictions, that work is for public health and safety or other reasons that cannot be delay, can be conducted alone and that there are measures in place to prevent my coming into contact with the public – remain unchanged.

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