22 January 2018


 January 22, 2018
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Palmate newt

The site was a primary school that had been closed for rebuilding with a small wildlife area including a pond. The local council as both planning authority and education authority were anxious to avoid any possible impacts on wildlife using the pond and to achieve this wanted to know what was there.

I was able to organise and carry out a series of four survey visits, sufficient to identify the amphibians present using a range of survey techniques. This found a single large toad and a very large number of palmate newts using the pond.

Although palmate newts are not protected like great crested newts they do form an important part of the local ecosystem and it was clear that the school pond was important for them. For this reason I recommended keeping the pond on site and including the digging of new ponds in the redevelopment of the school.

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